FAQ: Al's Ace Online Store


What is the difference between this site and www.acehardware.com?

Al's Ace Hardware is a Tucson-based company which owns and operates two stores in Tucson, Arizona. While affiliated with Ace Hardware corporation, this website is only for purchasing from Al's Ace Hardware exclusively, and may contain items and pricing that differs from that of Ace Hardware corporation.  

Which store am I buying from? Why does this make a difference? 

Al's ACE Hardware owns and operates two distinct store locations. Both stores' stock is available for purchase, but you may only shop within one "primary" store at one time. When setting up your account you must choose one store to act as your default location. You may change your primary store at any time by clicking the "Store:" link in the top right hand corner of your screen.

We do not guarantee that pricing and stock levels will be the same at both stores. Certain items and manufacturers, such as Benjamin Moore and Montana paints, will only be available for purchase from the Campbell location. Please contact us with any discrepancies and we will do our best to get you whatever you need at the store you need.

Does this site offer shipping?

At this time, we are not offering shipping for the online store. Thus, any items purchased must be picked up from the purchasing store. If you need to arrange shipping or delivery for any item, please contact the store directly. Additional shipping and/or handling charges may apply if you need these services. We do not guarantee the availability of these services.

How do I purchase an item that requires personalization, such as paint or keys? 

If you are purchasing an item that requires customizing or additional service requirements at time of pick-up, we may need to complete these steps prior to or at the time of pick up. For example, any customizable paint must be tinted using the proper base paint and colorants before use. Because these items are sold according to the color it will be tinted to, we do not recommend that you purchase these items online. If you require any products requiring customization of this nature, we recommend contacting the store directly and speaking to a customer service representative.

We do not offer key blanks or cut keys through this website due to the nature of the items. To purchase key blanks, please contact the stores directly.

I currently have a charge or cash account with Al's Ace Hardware. How do I buy items online?

If you already have an account with Al's Ace, you may use your customer number to link your in-store account to your online account. For more information or to set up an online charge account ID, please contact Jennica in accounting (520-747-4205 or jennica@alsacehardware.com).

How do I purchase spray paint, lighters, or other age-restricted items? 

Certain items in our store are age-restricted and require valid identification at time of pick-up. These items require our compliance with age-restriction laws. We reserve the right to refuse sale of these items without proper identification, and will refund transactions that cannot be completed due to insufficient identification and/or compliance with these laws.

I am in a state other than Arizona and I cannot check out. Why not?

At this time, we are not able to sell any items to anybody not currently in the state of Arizona, as we are not currently offering shipping for this website. If your address is not within the state of Arizona, checkout will not be allowed to continue. 

For further questions or concerns, please contact webmaster@alsacehardware.com.